Occupy My Life

Posted by aberdean on Oct. 18, 2011

I couldnt pass up the opportunity to make this moment in history a part of our story. I love you, Deb Zep. ** UPDATE B-low Me I knew a ton of friends and family were gonna watch and probably repost, but I had no idea this would get picked up so fast by so many sites. Just wanna plug http-//http-//occupywallst.org and if anyone is hating on whats going on down there, then I doubt theyve bothered to actually talk to anyone, or more importantly LISTEN. Thank you to everyone who can stay down there and hold down the fort for all of us who have jobs and families to keep warm and fed each night. Thats all for now. OCCUPY [YOUR TOWN HERE].

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Tags proposal, liberty, plaza, engagement, zuccotti park, occupy wall st

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