NUX first impulse part05

Posted by tonux-gix on Jun. 17, 2011

This is a screencaptured video from scenes of NUX Worlds. These video fragments show the beginning stages of development of NUX worlds. Its rather a 3d illustration of some basic principles which we suggest for the beginning. The main thing we see here is openness and decentralization of the project in its functioning, which would in effect give the universality. Perhaps even a name virtual worlds is too narrow for it, networked 3d environment - too technical... Technically today already exists a possibility to organize it using a peer-to-peer model. It means the ability of working of network of any size without a central server. There also exists necessity of some unification, so it would be easy to travel and communicate in within all NUX-Worlds. More info on- http-//

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Tags 3d, virtual reality, 3d art, virtual world, virtual 3d world, virtual 3d reality, 3d enviro

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