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++++ THIS LECTURE IS AVAILABLE IN FULL@ There is NO relationship more fundamental to your health than your relationship with the soil that supports your every bodily function through its interface with us, FOOD. Paul speaks to a sold out audience at the Society of Weight-training Injury Specialists(SWIS) in Toronto Canada about quite possibly the most important topic of our day and age. Please RATE this video and tell us what you think, good or bad, by posting a video response or text comment. Please visit tp:// for more on the work of SWIS. http Diet ciliac crohns ibs bowel irritable nutrient supplements holistic health sears atkins southbeach rehab conditioning exercise weightloss disease degenerative muscles joints potbrownies cancer diabetes autoimmune arthritis big business government scandal olympic lifting kettle bell power lifting bench squat deadlift toronto proathlete hockey soil science farming organic biodynamic steiner acres usa grains

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