Nufeel - Revel (Produced By Red Eye)

Posted by rivevideo1 on Oct. 05, 2012

© 2012 Official music video for Nufeel. (Twitter) @NufeelOfficial Free Download/Streaming here- http-// Produced By- Dam(@Damir_Os) & Sipp(@EngenderGood) for Red Eye Written By- S. Adeyemi Revel (Chorus) I gotta live my life like a rockstar, rap star, pimp star, big star, six cars. Gotta nigga thinkin' like how far, that far, this far, what they say that kid raw? And if you say you love me is it just because of his flow, his dough, or the way the wrist glow? And these are questions I ask, I never thought about the fame but I want it to last, i'ts my chance... (Verse) Paranoia runnin' through my mental, chillin' with this shorty but she buggin' off her menstrual. Fast forward, next week I'm in the west coast, But it's in my head though, Daydreams like a muhfucka. And I be havin' nervous breakdowns, Like damn these niggas that much better than me? Shit, (uh) I be feelin' just like Kanye, And I will never click hop, dick ride, Let shit slide. Baby move that thing a

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