Nude Elave Instute Commercial

Posted by mrdeleted on Oct. 24, 2007

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This nudenude video commercial redefines the adage sex sells. Stocked full of naked female scientists, and men writing on glass, this commercial has something for everyone. In an piece of genius advertising the clip is full of bare breasted women to prove that the lotion works on all parts of the body. It definitely catches the attention of everyone who sees it, again and again. They could be selling a puppy killing pill and it would still sell thanks to this hot nudist commercial. Certainly the most unique nude video on the internet.The Elave institute made a nude video to prove the effectiveness of their products. If only all companies would share this commitment to the transparency of their inner workings. If the stockholders could really just take a long naked look at the company's bare bones. What a wonderful world that would be. Elave also shows their standards of excellence when it comes to employee breast size and selection. Truly a company worthy of the fortune 500.

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