Novel Fallen Lotus Petals Book Trailer Video

Posted by JordonPP on Feb. 05, 2010

Novel Fallen Lotus Petals Book Trailer VideoA thoroughly captivating novel that weaves poetic phrasing, humor, and danger into the life of one very complex FBI agent, creating a plot as disturbing as it is gripping. Fallen Lotus Petals is Jordon Papanier’s gift to lovers of fast-paced thrillers with compelling characters and goals that must be attained…or else. Faced with three very different, yet equally challenging, cases—the tragedy of sexually exploited young Asian girls; a designer drug gone terribly wrong; a technological advance that could bring law enforcement to its knees—the author promises, and delivers, a gritty, page-turner of a story. Does our protagonist have what it takes to decimate this international ring? Will he overcome his own demons and bring the culprits to justice? And his love interest, how does she fit into this web of action and danger? Page after page, we become more deeply engaged in our hero’s private life and his dark, burdensome past, until we reach the explosive finale. Now

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