Not Apolo Ohno.Not Helio Castroneves.Chuck Wicks is for REAL!!!

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 23, 2010

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The PRESS at says Julianne and Chuck are dating!!!! Awesome!!!! She said It's very difficult to date -- I just got kind of lucky!...He's just a great guy! He's awesome and really, really talented...I'm having a great time getting to know him.(,2008) Wicks broke up with his long-term girlfriend earlier this year, before the start of the Paisley tour, and Hough ended her engagement to former dancer Zach Wilson last year. With the start of DWTS -- Hough went to LA Tuesday to meet her new partner -- she had to bid goodbye to Wicks, who will remain on tour. But she's confident they can survive the distance. Says Hough: That's what's cool about being with an independent person. The singer is Mariah Carey performing DREAM LOVER.

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