Norwood Park All-Stars Blistering The Bottom Lounge 4/30/9

Posted by MindsiMedia on May. 05, 2009

Chicago rockers the Norwood Park All-Stars delivered an outstanding set recently at the Bottom Lounge. This is their opening number. Below is their bio and a link to their myspace page where you can check out more of their material. The Norwood Park All-Stars are a tribute to the Norcore scene of the mid-80s. The band features former members of Pegboy, Jack Scratch, Bloodsport and The Bhopal Stiffs (all heavily influenced by the Norcore scene). The Norcore Scene happened during the mid to late 80s on the north side of Chicago and near north suburbs. The epicenter of the scene was a neighborhood called Norwood Park. Norcore was a fusion of different styles and musicians. It was mostly punk, but with a strong glam rock and big guitar / big vocal influence. Occasionally some ska and rockabilly would be thrown into a set with mixed results. The Norcore scene was tight, but diverse. Musicians ranged from teenagers in garages to middle-aged instructors with an appreciation for new music, and every kind of rock-st

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