NOOSY nano sim cutter confirmed the cutted nano sim card 100% wo

Posted by evelynoschurman on Sep. 21, 2012

NOOSY confirmed the nano sim card that cutted with NOOSY nano sim cutter from micro sim and standard sim can 100% worked on iPhone 5. After got a HK version iPhone 5 and did many test. NOOSY confirmed it. After cutting, the cutted nano sim card still working, wont damaged. For the thickness, dont worry. If still worry, noosy provided a sandpapter with the nano sim cutter. Customers can make the cutted nano sim card more thinner with it easily. Please watch this video for all information. Noosy cutter is all on one, can cut micro sim to nano sim one step, cut standard sim to micro sim one step and cut standard sim to nano sim two steps. Easy cutting. No need to change your SIM card again for iPhone 5. Visit our website to get details- http-//

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