Non Line of Sight Cannon

This is one of our of our newer big sticks to swing at the world. Courtesy of the United States tax payers and Im proud too see my money go to weapons like this. Operational Capabilities Provides sustained fires for close support, destructive fires for standoff engagement Covers 1223 sq. mi. area with highly responsive fire Lethality Multiple-round, simultaneous impact (MRSI) mission and multi-mission capable equals 2-3 Paladins 30-sec response to missions 24 rounds immediately available; automated ammo handling allows change in effects round-by-round, mission-by-mission Improved accuracy thru projectile tracking system Command and Control Networked BC with Current Force interoperability Survivability 2-man crew (less than 5-man Paladin) under armor Sustainability High commonality with MGV, especially NLOS-M Automated rearm of 155mm ammo is 50% faster than Paladin