Noir! Bungees! Creepy Movies! #157

Posted by Frederator on Dec. 09, 2008

This week, it's all about stocking stuffer grab bags of awesome animations! Switching around the old noir-cliches, in RubyRocket, Private Detective; we're rocking out hardcore to some Bunjee Jump Skeleton Man,a nd last but not least, the orange in the toe...Death by Dying...which is exactly what happens when you stay up too late watching those old Elvira repeats. And finally...The Robot. He just looked at his contract...and it's not looking good on the gift front. Can you call him and spread a little holiday cheer his way? His number is: 888-414-8148 You can email him too:

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Tags death, channel, rocket, entertainment, cartoons, robots, dying, noir, bunjee, ruby, frederator

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