No sausage for me Bob!

Posted by UnrulyMedia on Jun. 29, 2009 spoon owner Bob comes back from his Direct Holiday and puts his customers off their full English.After being away on a perfect Direct Holiday, cafe owner Bob returns to the hot plate. Hes desperate to hang onto the mood as long as he can. So.... hes still wearing his flippers, snorkel and mask to cook in ...... and even worse, hes completely naked under his souvenir apron.See what reaction his regular builder customers have and check out Bobs white bits. Hes really got the direct effect!Uploaded for Direct Holidays.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags up, english, the, ad, commercial, advert, full, diver, spoon, travel, effect, cafe, greasy, chef, direct, snorkel, fry, flippers, builders, snorkelling, apron

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