No Naked! :: Cartoon Hangover #14

Posted by Frederator on Mar. 12, 2010

Sup dorks?  Letting your freak flag fly?  Well, stop it, because today, Caroline Foley says NO NAKED! in her cartoon of the same name.  And holy crap, she sat down with me for a special Drink and Draw Interview to talk nakedness, voiceovers and general awesomeness.  So.  You know, you are all about this right?Oh, and last week, we talked with DJ Timbo and he said he has a new song that needs a music video.  He doesnt know what it should be, so hes reaching out to you hooligans for advice/suggestions!  Leave them as a voicemail or a comment below!OH.  Yeah.  One other thing:  Were going to start doing a lot more stuff on the Cartoon Hangover and Channel Frederator Facebook Pages.  You know, like exclusive stuff that only the fans get to see?  Yeah.  Its kinda like that.  So go be fans!  And for crying out loud, hook a gal up on the Twitter?  I mean, for real.Caroline Foley on the Intertubes: Submit:  ...

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