No Genes Attached - Official Trailer (2013)

Posted by rickysans on May. 06, 2013

This Mothers Day, Love Hits Close To Home. CREDITS- Writer & Director- Ricky Sans Cinematographer & Editor- Ed Spangler Producers- Ricky Sans and Lisa Kowalski Lights & Sound- Adelson Luna, Ed Spangler, Lisa Kowalski and Ricky Sans Special Thanks- Sergio Cilli STARRING- Mom Susan- Victoria Hoffman Son John- Sebastian Gregory Johns Best Friend- Ricky Sans Susans Best Friend- Kate Hess Johns Brother- Joe Kardon Johns Dad- Kurt Long Man at Restaurant- Matt Noonan Bartender- Lisa Kowalski Gym Guy- David Cousins Johns Grandfather- Frank Beans Trailer Voice Over- Sax Carr Subscribe to TacoDragonComedy- http-// Like us on Facebook- http-// Follow us on Twitter- http-// Contact -

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