No Fly List Inconvenient for Some Frequent Fliers

Posted by getthedaily on Aug. 22, 2008

A man filed a lawsuit for 100-thousand-dollars against a Chicago restaurant Monday, claiming that it served him uncooked fish, resulting in his illness. The man said he got a 9-foot tapeworm after eating salmon salad at Shaw?s Crab House in 2006. The Vice President of Food Safety for the restaurant?s parent company said a thorough investigation was completed and that the restaurant was not the source of the tapeworm-causing illness. Reports on the number of Americans included on the Terrorist Screening Database are inconsistent. The American Civil Liberties Union says more than 1-million-names were added to the list since September 11th, while the FBI claims there are about 400-thousand people on the list and about 95-percent of listees are not US-citizens. In addition to the FBI, TSA does not allow airlines to confirm any names on the list, however, it recommends misidentified passengers submit completed Department of Homeland Security paperwork. TSA plans to cut-down on the ...

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