NMCNiggaMovies Three Rookies Trailer

Posted by NMCNiggaMovies on Jun. 16, 2009

The Atlanta police department must be hard up for new recruits if theyre willing to hire these three losers. These guys cant hold on to a job or a girlfriend, so what makes the chief of police think they ... Full Descriptioncan hold on to a gun? But these bumbling idiots just might stumble their way on to saving the day in this hilarious comedy starring Dwayne Carl, David Vallin, and Jevocas Green.When three slackers in need of gainful employment somehow stumble into jobs with the Atlanta Police Department, theyre thrown into the fire and expected to keep the peace. But these unskilled rookies are hardly equipped to deal with the likes of petty thieves and diamond smugglers whove made crime their life. Dwayne Carl, David Vallin and Jevocas Green co-star in this urban comedy of hilarious proportions. This is the only Dwayne Carl movie. Stars also making their debut in this video: Jevocas Green, David Vallin.

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