NJ Fishing! Walton Chueng fishes with Ken Beam in Califon NJ

Posted by kenbeam1 on May. 03, 2011

NJ Fishing! Walton Chueng from Staten Island NY fishes with Ken Beam on the Bridge in Califon New Jersey 5/1/2011! After watching Ken`s You Tube Fishing Videos, Walton reached out & asked if he could meet up for a fishing excursion in Califon with Ken. So he drove from Staten Island NY & we met up & had a fun Fishin` with Ken gig this past Sunday on the Bridge in Califon! My Step-Father Rich & my girlfriend Sharon joined us & we all caught alot of trout & had a really great time! Walton took home a bunch of nice fresh caught trout too! So if you want to have a fun Fishin` with Ken gig, get your kids ready, or bring some friends & just write to me here & we`ll make it happen! *Thanks for watching!

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