NJ Cycling/Biking - Watch Sharon & Ken Beam Bicycle in NJ

Posted by kenbeam1 on Jun. 28, 2011

Wow! Now this was a lot of fun! Check it out! We went to Frenchtown New Jersey & had lunch at the River Blue Cafe(http-//www.riverbluecafe.com/) , then went to the Cycle Corner of Frenchtown(http-//www.thecyclecorner.com/index.html) & rented a couple of bicycles & rode along the Delaware River on the D&R Canal Path! If you haven`t ridden a bike in awhile(like me!~lol), the D&R Canal Path with it`s very level, nice easy riding trail, makes it the perfect place to jump back on a bike! Sooooooooooooooooo if you`re looking to do something fun outdoors & want to get some great exercise while doing it, definitely check Frenchtown New Jersey, head over to the Cycle Corner, grab a couple of bikes & ride down the D&R Canal along the Delaware River! You`ll love it! Thanks for watching!

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