Nissan GT-R SpecV

Posted by NeedForSpeedRacer on Aug. 19, 2009

This is the SpecV version of the fantastic Nissan GT-R. The SpecV is based on last years Japanese entry to the Supercar standard but with a few modifications, mainly to the bodywork to reduce the weight while increasing the power delivered to the mid-range gears. All great info if youre able to afford the car (and live in Japan) but for those of you just looking to race the car in SHIFT then the key thing you need to know is that its huge fun to play in the game. Ive spent more than one lunchtime sat in front of the screen taking the SpecV out for a spin on the track. Its probably one of the most drivable cars in the game; if you fancy yourself as a bit of a gymkhana-wannabe then this is one of the best cars to play with... forwards, backwards, sideways... its a huge amount of fun to drive. I could write more but Ive talked myself into loading up the game again for a quick session.

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