Nintendo Vs. Zombies- 28 Bits Later

Posted by mikeNgary on Dec. 03, 2012

Zombies are cool but what if they were in an all out live action brawl with Mario, Luigi, Samus Aran, Link Princess Peach, Ness, Ash Ketchum, and Waluigi? Getting a Wii U Christmas morning is only the beginning. Games like New Super Mario Bros. U and Zombie U open up a whole new world. When you add the power of Christmas into the mix anything can happen. This video is part of the Nintendo Ten Day Film Challenge. We received a Wii U Deluxe Edition, New Mario Bros. U, and Zombie U as our creative inspiration. I have been given full permission by Nintendo to use their images, music, and materials in this video. FACEBOOK http-// CAST Player #1 - Jason Ball Samus Aran/Princess Peach - Kelly Johnson Mario - Cherokee Turner Luigi - Marcus Ross Link - Ryan Fitzpatrick Ness - Johnny Mello Ash Ketchum - Mike Underlin Zombies - (in order of appearance) Johnny Mello, Bobby Mead, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jeff Morton, Caleb Kraft, Clint Lowrance, Katie Piatt, Will Chiles, Scott Sauer, Justin Evangelista,

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