Nintendo Duck Hunting with

Posted by JGSConcepts on Jan. 22, 2013

This is a small clip of Duck Hunting with the VuVantage backpack POV filming system to the original Nintendo Duck Hunt game theme music. If you enjoy this video please click on the links to be directed to other videos including the full Duck Hunting video without the Nintendo theme. If you enjoy filming and want to get a third person perspective, check out http-// for more information about our Package Deals Motion Graphics by- Kris Brons with JGS Concepts Graphic Audio- http-// http-// Cloud tag- Nintendo, Duck Hunt, VuVantage, Backpack, POV, Film, GoPro, contour, sony, filming, Original, JGS Concepts, Hunt, theme, hunting, third person, perspective, package, Motion Graphics, Keith White, JGS, Luge, Gun, graphic, Alaska, video

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