Niki Taylor Provides Tips For National Eat Together Week

Posted by newsinfusion on Oct. 02, 2009

For more info visit www.newsinfusion.comAs busy back-to-school schedules heat up, it’s easy to lose sight of eating together as a family. But family mealtime is more relevant than ever as more Americans are returning to home cooking. According to a recent study, 85 percent of consumers say they’re eating a home-cooked meal three or more times a week. During National Eat Together Week, commemorated annually by America’s pork producers and celebrated September 20-26, 2009, mother of three and wife of NASCAR driver Burney Lamar, Niki Taylor enthusiastically embraces the new challenge of balancing her professional career with the responsibilities of her personal life. Beyond her working life, taking care of the family is a top priority for Niki who shares her insights about the importance of family mealtime. She also shares her special tips and tasty recipes to help families get back to the table

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