Nightmare House 2 Montage! [FULLY SUBTITLED]

Posted by Alex-Long-454 on Jul. 22, 2013

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?NH2 playlist below http-// So since this was such a good sires and I really wanted a new montage out and also show my appreciation to all the people showing support on my channel. If you read this before watching I will say this now, I swear... ALLOT in this video so if you're sensitive to bad language and things like that the video probably isn't for you and if it was now (because this was all a LONG time ago) I would've cut down on it. ._. Hours of work was put into this so it'll be a big help to FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF the like button. -| ?I know you see this allot on YouTube but PLEASE it really isn't hard to and it is so helpful to like a video. Honestly. ?Follow me on Twitter https-// ?Song Used in fast forward https-// ?The weird song... You know the one I mean. Please dont ask how I found this. -| http-// ?Outro/intro music (if used) http-// Thank you for all your support. Wouldn't be anywhere without it.

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