NFL Rap Up 09-10 []

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 29, 2010

(Instrumental produced by Kanye West Bang Along) [lyrics] The 2009 seasons here, something special about today Every teams got a chance, unless you just fumble it away Playmakers proven, where 2nd stringers put it in gear Leodis mckelvin and Brandon Stokley had the plays of the year Within weeks, Buffalos season was over And apparently Denver had found their four leaf clover Week 2 seemed to be all about the changing of the guard Patriots tried rolling through, but the Jets kicked them out the yard Tom Brady looked shaky, and was Randy Moss even trying? Everyone could read Belichicks mind except for Rex Ryan The 2 week backburner, all good things must come to an end Brett Favre hit Sidney Rice for the storybook win The steelers struggled in Nati, Bens head rang like a doorbell Somehow the secondary forgot about Andre Caldwell. Favre got his first licks on his newfound foe The Vikings won, but Aaron Rodgers stole the show He threw for 400 yards, and they couldnt pull it off Everyone started questioning if Dom

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