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Posted by Vlane-Carter-412 on Sep. 26, 2011

In this video a Dark Energy Knight (DEK) takes out an entire city block in lower Manhattan (2014). This alien force represents 10,000 years of advanced Darclonian research in Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Exotic Matter. This unstoppable force can only be stopped by one man. DEKs are walking BLACKHOLES, their outer body contains Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Exotic matter and the God Particle in the head controls these energies in a stable environment. This is part of the evil Darclonians experiment on organic life forms to rule the universe. What does it feel like to be sucked into a black hole? This video is an actual scene in Rise of the BIAliensapien: human evolved book 3, chapter 23. __________________________________________ Actors, green rooms, special effects and animation went into producing this video. Learn more at the main BIAlien website.

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