New World Order On Trial

Posted by nwocriminalsexposed on Apr. 10, 2010

s the new world order real? You can bet your bottom dollar it is! We are literally just a few short years away from the completion of the plan to centralize global power to control the affairs of the whole planet, all from under one roof that is filled with unelected, totalitarian bureaucrats. When the world is controlled by one small group of people, all of your options are gone. If you dont like what the New World Order is doing, you cant vote them out. And emigrating to another country will be useless because the New World Order will control every country. You will therefore be trapped in a prison planet with no freedoms other than the liberties granted to you by the fascist elite. The fact that politicians can be voted out, and the fact that US presidents can only serve two terms, must really piss them off. They have tried rigging elections, but they usually get found out. Their ideal solution is to create a system where they can never be voted out and never be held accountable for their dirty deeds. We

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