New Ways to Use Your Ab Roller - Ep 27 - Brides Made Fit

Posted by bridesmadefit on Dec. 16, 2008

Tired of your Ab Roller taking up space? Tired of trying to sell your Ab Roller? Tired of looking for your Ab Roller? Tired of being tired of looking for your... Alright! I know, you get it! I just thought I'd slam you one more time with some of that infomercial garbage -- because that's where you got your Ab Roller through, right? Well, if you think it's just an out-dated piece of metal that used to give you the fantasy of having your own "six-pack" someday think again! There are many ways to use your Ab Roller to exercise other muscle groups besides your core... and I'm going to show you! Now, pull that baby out of the closet. First of all, you should never use your Ab Roller other than what's intended of it. But we're going to make an exception on that (wink, wink). I came up with some simple moves you can do by incorporating your Ab Roller. Check out this week's podcast for the step-by-step instructions on how to perform new movements with an Ab Roller. They include incline push ups, ...

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