New Footage of Texas A&M College Station Shooting

Posted by promvid on Aug. 14, 2012

Video shows chaos, heroism at College Station shooting scene. Amid the tragedy of yesterdays shooting in College Station, Texas, a neighbor of shooter Thomas Caffall captured the chaos on video. Shot by former Army medic Rigo Cisneros from his porch, the video shows officers swooping in to secure Caffalls house, shouting Do not move! Cisneros can be heard pleading with an officer to allow him to attend to Constable Brian Bachmann, whom Caffall had shot. It reportedly took police 15 minutes to secure the property, during which time Bachmann lay unresponsive. Im a medic, Cisneros says. Can I get to him? He was finally allowed to proceed, but he was unable to revive Bachmann. Cisneros said the gunman, shot by police, asked him to apologize to the downed officer. PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO AS I AM NOT ITS OWNER IN ANY WAY.

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