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Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

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For drivers, please don't slow down miles before the scale for no reason. Please try to cross the scales at the posted speed (of course unless you can't because of traffic) Please keep your distance from other trucks if possible. DO NOT TAILGATE If scales are closed or if you get the by pass please don't get shook just because it is a scale and creep by, you should accelerate back to posted speed. If traffic is exiting the scale just get in the left lane and keep it moving nothing to panic about here, don't ride in the left lane afraid to accelerate the police will not bother you. Four wheeler take the same advice except of course you will never go into the scale but also Please get in the left lane and go on down the highway instead of riding in between us trucks when we are coming up on a scale. Don't slow down for no reason when passing a weigh station because you see police cars. The speed limit is the speed limit you will not get a ticket for going the speed limit. It's best to hit the left lane if the

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