Never Let Go of Childhood Wonder.

Posted by rcanpolat on Mar. 11, 2010

http-// - Zen Magnets are small but curiously strong rare earth super-magnets, 5mm in diameter. How powerful? 8 Times more powerful than the ceramic magnets driving your speakers. 30 Times more powerful than the average fridge magnet. Pull them into a chain, fold them into a fabric, and meld them into limitless shapes- both abstract and geometric, flat or 3D. Use them when you need to massage your mind, practice your patience, relieve some boredom or alleviate some stress. Head feeling a bit dull? Maybe your brain just needs to get up and stretch a bit. You know, give it some exercise, get the blood flowing; make that gray matter in your skull stronger, faster. If allowed, Zen magnets can be a great workout for both hemispheres of your brain- The left brain - directing the right hand - that is is responsible for logic, math and language. The right brain - controlling the left hand - that is responsible for spatial abilities, creativity and visualization. With total creative control, Zen magne

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