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Posted by skinidacne on Sep. 27, 2011

http-// Neutrogena has released a highly acclaimed acne treatment, called Skin ID, that guarantees success since it is personalized to each individual user. The Skin ID acne system incorporates an indepth 5 minute questionnaire in order to determine your best acne solution in accordance with your personal lifestyle and skin type. This appraoch to treating acne is unique since most acne products claim to be a cure-all for everyone afflicted with acne and pimples. Of course, this plan of attack is not effective for everyone since each individual possesses a different story. With over 25 different Skin ID products one can be sure to obtain an acne remedy which meets their needs. Best of all, the acne system catered to each person has been carefully designed by leading dermatologists to produce the best outcome for those who suffer with acne and pimples. With a perfect success rate joined by the A+ BBB rating held by Neutrogena one can be sure that they a

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