NES - Adventure Island 3 gameplay

Gameplay of the NES title Adventure Island 3. visit for moreThe first double review! Today I am reviewing the NES title Adventure Island 3. I actually played Adventure Island 2 for the GameBoy first which is a port of Adventure Island 3 for the NES. This game was created by Hudson Soft and released in 1992.Imagine this: You are on a uninhabited island with your pretty girlfriend, minding your own business (just doing what people do when they are stuck on an uninhabited island) when all of a sudden aliens kidnap your girlfriend! So off you go on a mission to rescue your true love.The game has many stages, each of these stages consists of a couple of levels with a boss to fight at the end. When you die in the Game Boy version you will receive a code with which you can continue the game from the beginning of that stage.When playing, you have to make sure that you dont run out of energy. The only way to keep your energy bar up is to eat the fruits that are scattered throughout each