Neil N Nikki - Music Video - Neil N Nikki

RELEASE DATE: 09 DECEMBER 2005 GENRE: ROMANTIC COMEDY RUN TIME: 105 MINS STARRING: UDAY CHOPRA, TANISHA LYRICS: ANVITA DUTT GUPTAN, IRSHAD KAMIL, ASIF ALI BEG MUSIC: SALIM - SULAIMAN PRODUCED BY: ADITYA CHOPRA STORY, SCREENPLAY & DIRECTED BY: ARJUN SABLOK SYNOPSIS: Take a joyride with Neal (Uday Chopra) and Nikki (Tanisha) as they travel all across Canada to find what they want most. Neal just wants what all guys want – to have a deep, meaningful relationship, full of conversation and shopping – NOT! For him it is pretty simple – Canada is full of hot women, and he has that little “lost boy” charm that they love so much. So if they want to take him home, and cuddle him… well why should HE complain? After all he has just 21 days before he has to waves farewell to his bachelor life. LIVE IT UP. It’s a little more complex with Nikki – First there is Trish, then there are all these jobs she keeps quitting and then there’s the fact that…. Well, she’s hot, she is sexy, so why not have some fun? She’s going to