Nature's Fastest | Biggest | Deadliest Animals!

Posted by bariscan90 on Nov. 24, 2011

Visit my Youtube Channel for more videos! African Bush Elephant,the largest living land mammal Whale Shark - The largest living fish on the planet Blue Whale - Largest animal ever to exist Peregrine Falcon - Fastest animal in the world (202 mph,325 km/h) Cheetah - Fastest Land mammal (65mph,104.61 km/h) Sailfish - Fastest fish in the world Inland Taipan - The deadliest snake in the world Sperm Whale - The world's largest predator Animal kingdom record breakers - how fast can a cheetah run, how heavy is an elephant and what's bigger than a dinosaur? Watch amazing video clips from the BBC archive and uncover the fascinating facts about our smallest primate, the longest stick insect and the most venomous snake. Meet the biggest, the fastest and the deadliest the natural world has to offer. Source ; http-//

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