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Click: http://www.GeographicTongueTreatment.infoDiscover a Natural, Inexpensive Geographic Tongue Treatment and Transform your Painful Geographical Tongue Back Into a Healthy Tongue in as Little as One Month.Natural Geographic Tongue Treatment - Geographical Tongue PicturesGeographic tongue is a condition of the tongue affecting approximately 3% of the population. It is characterized by painful, discolored regions of taste buds.The condition is usually chronic, but only manifests after eating specific exacerbating foods.Other names for it are:- “Geographical Tongue”- Benign migratory glossitis- Benign migratory stomatitis- Glossitis areata exfoliativa- Glossitis areata migrans- Lingua geographica- Stomatitis areata migrans- Transitory benign plaques of the tongueThe top side of the tongue is covered in small protrusions called papillae. When you are suffering with geographic tongue, there are red patches on the surface of the tongue bordered by grayish white.The papillae