Nate Lamotte vs. Chris Horodecki

Round 1 (Images) The two start tentatively, circling one another and testing the distance with jabs. Lamotte lands a good right early on, but Horodecki seems unfazed. The first round continues as a striking contest, with Horodecki staying more active in the final two minutes. The round ends with a clinch against the ropes, the crowd jeering Horodecki for grabbing the ropes to avoid a takedown. Round 2 Horodecki comes out fast with kicks and left hooks, but Lamotte catches a kick to the body and uses it to transition into a takedown. Lamotte lands some damaging blows from the guard, but Horodecki kicks him off and gets to his feet. Horodecki lands a nice right hand and follows with some solid kicks to the body. Just before the bell he adds a takedown, finishing the round in Lamotte’s guard. Round 3 The two resume their striking war in the final frame, with Horodecki doing a good job of mixing in low kicks with punches to keep Lamotte off-balance. Lamotte is unable to do much damage on the fee