NASCAR Legend Darrell Waltrip endorses Rejuvenate Auto

Rejuvenate Auto just signed three-time NASCAR Champion and FOX Lead Sports Analyst Darrell Waltrip to endorse its auto cleaning products. The Rejuvenate 15-Minute Wash & Wax Renewer replaces drive-through car washes, known to scratch and dull exteriors, and the soap-and-water approach, proven in studies to scratch paint up to one-tenth of its thickness. "I was blown away when I tried Rejuvenate Auto on my car," Darrell Waltrip said. "With an easy spray and wipe, it cleans and protects my cars without creating scratches and swirls like every other car wash or soap-and-bucket approach. It offers the best, longest-lasting shine. To tell you the truth, all of his products were incredible, in fact, it's the only car care product line I trust for my cars." Their website is at