NASCAR Crashes

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 31, 2010

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Why waste a Sunday watching 5 hours of racing when you can see the best NASCAR crashes in this video. These guys drive at breakneck speeds in highly tuned driving machines. Racing on the razors edge between insanity and death, eventually everything goes wrong resulting in huge wrecks. Billowing smoke and fire engulf the cars as the audience watches in horror and awe. This video captures all the carnage and all the fury of this great American pastime. From Talladega to Dover, stock car racing has come a long way. Beginning with bootleggers racing each other and becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. But even with all that money we can still get the best NASCAR crash videos money can’t buy.The most gruesome and terrible Nascar crashes are compiled in this video. Multi-car pileups and head on collisions with wall abound in this hair raising sport. The United State's most popular sport has proven to be every bit as exciting as any other. Who needs football when there's gasoline and oil in the air. And wrecks on the track!

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