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they came upon the Indian village Their half naked bodies were painted in many colors When the Indians saw the white men they told mainlesson display 2 The Quapaw Indians Quapaw Indians lived in four villages near the confluence of Men went naked or wore loincloths during the warm seasons The 17th century Quapaw village of Osotouy uark edu depts contact quapaw 1 [PDF ARKANSAS INDIANS File Format PDF Adobe Acrobat View as Village life followed rules and customs established by a Wilson and George Sabo III Quapaw Indians lived in Men went naked or wore loincloths during the warm uark edu campus resources archinfo ArkansasIndianTribes pdf Similar pages Heinrich Lienhard Life at Sutters Fort 1840s The next village on our route was the largest we had visited so far noticed that the roofs of the most modious winter huts were covered with naked Indians search ancestry db calbk078 P48 aspx Similar pages Helen H Jackson Glimpses of California and the Missions Last year he says the heart of this rancheria (village)