Naked Dancing European Girl

Posted by eigd1x1xci on Jul. 30, 2009

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Fresh from the archives is this classic video of a naked dancing girl. Remember the days of old? When your video camera had a full size cassette tape? And you only used it to film foreign women dancing nude? Well luckily for those of us who dont have this memory, this writhing, rhythmic video exists. This sexy naked European dances for the camera...And more! If only there was a national museum for all the great home made naked dancing videos. If only...Is directing a naked dancing video a crime? Because if it's wrong I don't want to be right. this gorgeous brunette beauty has the body of a ballerina. Except this ballerina was raised in a nudist colony. Her hatred of clothes and religious belief that they trap wicked demons has led her to be a pioneer in the art of nude interpretive dance. This fox trot in the buff is known world wide for its sensuality as well as representations of Indian inequity regarding the theme of thanksgiving.

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