Naked Butt in Lake

Posted by clos057 on May. 03, 2007

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My buddy gets way too drunk at the lake and uses his naked butt in this insane naked butt video. We had rum all day and then out of the blue he decides to dance and get nude to enjoy the water. No one seems to care too much about my bare-assed buddy getting crazy. But he cared a lot the next day when we showed him this hilarious naked butt video!A good friend gets butt naked on video tape. After 12 too many drinks he decided that getting in his birthday suit was the best idea. And then decided to take a skinny dip as well.We all had a good laugh until we realized the water was infested with naked piranhas, a deadly sub species that only attacks naked people. Let's just say you should be happy this video ends when it does.

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