Naked Breasts Wet T-Shirt contest

Here are a couple of respectable young ladies showing off their naked breasts. I know what you are going to say right off the bat: the girl on the right may be showing her boobies, but she is a bit chunky. Well, judge not lest ye be least she is the one pushing for the makeout session. Lesbians kissing usually trumps a few extra pounds on one of the girls, right? Oh wait, I forgot, this is the internet, so youve probably already dismissed this video. Well, you naysayers will lose in the end, because the two girls after the first two girls are ridiculously hot with amazingly nice tits. They up the ante by showing off their butts as well, so you tolerant people who stayed through the naked breasts of the fat girl are rewarded. Thats as close as you get to empathy on the internet.