Posted by Theodore-Barrus-54 on Sep. 20, 2011

hey folks today I tried to do a REAL type chili test . I wanted to tell you how it taste but all I could do was freak out. I was not capable of thinking at the moment. The pepper I tried is a Naga Morich and the seeds came from http-// I hope you enjoy the video Ted The Fire Breathing Idiot THE TED BARRUS WORLD FAMOUS Ghost pepper Challenge GHOST PEPPER IS 950,000- 1,050,000 scoville units Rules #1 Must chew entire pepper for 30 seconds #2 After entire pepper has been chewed for 30 seconds pepper must be swallowed #3 After pepper has been swallowed no Fluids or food of any type can be ingested for a period of 5 minutes ( IF YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH GO LONGER ) Disqualifications * vomiting before the time limit runs out * drinking or eating ANYTHING in the 5 minute time frame * Not eating entire pepper * Not chewing entire pepper for 30 seconds WELCOME TO A SMALL CLUB OF STUPID PEOPLE

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