Mystery Shopping - Thankfully Only For Business – Episode 8 – Th

Posted by SashaSQM on Mar. 22, 2010

Together, with Fiona Shedden of FiSH Video Productions, SQM ( has created 11 hilarious short videos that show Mystery Shoppers evaluating everyday people doing everyday things. This video, is number 8 of 11 and it shows a babysitter being evaluated as she takes care of 3 children.Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) is a supplier of Mystery Shopping, Quality Assurance and Market Research, services. To watch the other videos and find information on becoming a Mystery Shopper go to Join our Facebook: Tweet with us: Read our blogs: Credits: Video by FiSH Video Productions, Directed by Fiona Shedden, Written by Fiona Shedden and Courtney Ross, Camera and Lighting by David Rodriguez Jaramillo, Graphics by Courtney Ross, Sound by Laurie Atkinson, Starring Chelsea Larkin and Andrew Hopps, Opening music by Lorne Hind 360?, Other music by Kevin MacLeod ww

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