Mystery Of The Earl Trailer ENG

Posted by antonsss on Mar. 28, 2011

In a world of earls and ladies, queens and witches, nobility and alchemy youre just a young lady waiting for a wedding. What shall you do when you discover that your fiancé disappears in a day of wedding? What shall you do when nobody believes he can be kidnapped? You will be strong. You will do it by yourself. Find the fiancé, save him from a dreadful death, defeat the powerful witch. Your wedding must take place! Evil magic and horrible mysteries surround you, but you shall be victorious. Your love will give you the strength. Your kindness will show you the way. Dont wait! Save your truelove! In this game you will save your fiancé from the evil magic of a jealous witch. Find objects by pieces, use items to discover new places, solve puzzles and move forward. This is going to be a mysterious and dangerous, yet romantic adventure. Dont wait, start the quest now!

Categories Pop Culture

Tags animation, hidden, mystery, object, earl, casual, aerohills, funlinker

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