My Season By- Jamarcus Newton

Posted by Jamarcus-Newton-423 on Feb. 07, 2013

My Season Let's talk about human development and charter traits. Nobody's perfect, everybody makes mistakes, everybody has does days. Just like Hannah Montana say. Sometime I fell Tupac, It's me against the world. Nobody understands how I fell. I want to cry out a tear. Smiling on the outside but living my life with so much fear. The only way I can truly express myself is through the music. The sound of the rhyme and the groove and movement. I swear if was for raping I would lose it. That's way I praying for a recorder deal. but let me go a head and kill the sterol type why I'm at it. Every rapper is not trying to sell dude. Bang, bang, get shoot with pistil cock. While trying to promote sex. So if you see in yo neighborhood. It's ok relax. And I already know that I'm be in chill. Cause god walking who going to coming against me. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of deft moving through the darkest looking for the wealth. But its still not worth my health. Get rich or die tried is not my lords will

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