My India with Ranjan Dey - JAIPUR

In this episode:Follow Ranjan Dey to Jaipur to Fort Amber, see blue stone pottery, get a massage, and a vegetarian cook off! Celebrity indian Chef Ranjan Dey of New Delhi Indian Restaurant in San Francisco and New World Spices, a masala, curry, and Indian spice company shares his stories of Indian regional cuisine from Mumbai/Bombay, Cochin/Kochi, Goa, Hyderabad, Calcutta/Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi. He demonstrates traditional and modern tasty, healthy,quick, and easy Indian cooking and Indian recipes from north Indian cuisine, south Indian cuisine, west Indian cuisine and east Indian cuisine. New Delhi Indian Restaurant is also a premiere destination for Indian Wedding catering.New Delhi Indian Restauranthttp://www.NewDelhiRestaurant.comhttp://www.NewWorldSpices.com415.397.8470