My first preloader with flash CS4 and Action Script 3

Posted by LinkCastro on Dec. 02, 2009

The code i used:stop();addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, preLoad)function preLoad(e:Event):void{var bytestoLoad:Number = loaderInfo.bytesTotal;var numberLoaded:Number = loaderInfo.bytesLoaded;if (bytestoLoad == numberLoaded){removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, preLoad)go to And Stop(2);}else {preLoader.preLoaderFill.scaleX = numberLoaded/bytestoLoad;preLoader.bytesPercent.text = Math.floor(numberLoaded/bytestoLoad*100) %;}}Remember that if you wanna get paid for viewing ads for 30 secs then you must Visit:!

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Tags action, adobe, cs4, flash, load, pre, preload, script

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