My Crazy Sister

Posted by powneder on Dec. 02, 2009

Just a lil video about sisters through the eyes of a brother. Some people can relate, others can just enjoy ! lolol [ How crazy sisters are OR how annoying brothers are ^^ ] This video is some what fictional but some of the ideas are from the sisters of friends and family. Is your sister hot? -- is your mum hot? if u reply, then I might.. NOT! lololol dont ask noob questions roflol This will be my last video for 1 month (going on a break/hiatus) due to hospital stuff [wisdom teeth getting pulled out] and holidays. I was sick when i made this video. So i may sound different etc etc Hope you enjoy and take care! I will miss you guys! laters D*ck to pube ratio FTW ! LOLOL

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Tags gg, ds, slaps, scratches, sister, arguments, pinch, mychonny

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