My book is next to Steve Harveys!

Posted by fozzbeats on Aug. 29, 2009

So after one and a half years of work the book Let Them Come To You - A Guide to Women, Life, & Relationships is done! It is available through my web site, but I really wanted to see it in stores. After meeting a manager at Indigo, they accepted my book on consignment. So after I dropped the books off I decided to check on them the next. To my pleasant surprise, the book was place next to Steve Harveys best seller Act Like A Lady - Think Like A Man. I got chills when I saw it. Steve Harvey has been on Oprah and Ellen talking about his book and I will be trying to follow in his foot steps. It wont be easy, but Im optimistic! For more info about my book check out http-// I am in the process of getting the book in stores all over. It will take time, but it will happen! Buy in Canada- https-//

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